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Our Story

The story of Savoir covers nearly 1600 miles and more than five years. It took all the right pieces fitting at the perfect time in an old, abandoned warehouse for Savoir to come to life.  

When husband-and-wife duo, Haig and Hien Papaian, with an insatiable passion for food wanted to venture into the restaurant world, they went on a mission to find the unequivocal partner. Enter Brian Doke. With an impressive resume as restauranteur at just under age 30 but with the principled discipline and expertise of an industry veteran, there was no better partner. 

It took the three owners several more years to find the right place. Numerous locales across state lines with varying concepts were considered. Finally finding the perfect home in the heart of Houston Heights – inside a wearied warehouse on the neglected corner of 14th and Yale.

Leading the helm, Brian Doke oversaw the renovation of the abandoned building, being sensitive to salvage as much of the past charming elements as possible. Incorporating the new with the old was a delicate balance that was applied to the entire project. New elements were necessary to bring the building up to code but almost all the wood ceiling, brick walls and some former flooring were retained to allow for the prior charm to shine through. 

From the beginning, the three owners shared the same principle of utmost customer care. Brian worked tirelessly to assemble an impeccable team made up of individuals reflecting this principle, all sharing this same culture of service. 

With the sole ambition to provide diners a neighborhood gem to enjoy meals with family and friends in an upscale yet unpretentious environment, Savoir strives to be the destination to experience great food, fine wine and life’s forever moments. Hence our name, Savoir.

Savoir Team

Owners/Partners: Haig Papaian, Hien Papaian, Brian Doke

Managing Partner: Brian Doke

General Manager: Evin Haines

Executive Chef: Eric Johnson